The ultimate 'new-to-Mac' software collection

. Friday, December 15, 2006
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new to Mac software
I am not that familiar with the dephts of silicon technology to rate Apple's decision pro Intel architecture from the technological point of view (I just switched from my good old 12" G4 PowerBook to a 15" Core Duo 2 MacBook Pro and it works fine) but from the strategical and economical point of view it was definitely a great deal. More and more people are switching to the best computers in the world since they are available with Intel processor (and even be able to run Windows on these wonderful machines).
So we do not want to start the discussion whether a higher market share for our favourite computer system is good or bad. After we provided support to decide for the right Mac we just want to welcome all these 'new-to-Mac's to our great family. To become more familiar with your new friend we set up a list of useful software for all kinds of purpose.

Mac OS is quite well equipped for the start with software for many purposes. But there is more.

Of course not everything is for everybody in this collection (and unfortunately such a list will never be complete) but there should be something for everyone of you. Here we go:

for everybody:

NeoOffice: open source alternative to MS Office
iSale: eBay auctioning solution
Midnight Inbox: task manager
MyMind: combination of an outliner an a mind mapping application. Or a mind mapper with buil-in outlining functionality
Flip4Mac: play .wmv files in QuickTime
MyTunesRSS: listen to your iTunes on any device with RSS
RealPlayer: Playing Real Media content
VLC media player: DivX, VCD, DVD, MPEG-1/2/4 & more
The Unarchiver: unarchiver for zip, tar, rar, 7-zip, stuffit & more
Transmission: light and easy BitTorrent client

for communicators:

Chax: useful enhancements for iChat
Skype: Instant Messaging and Voice over IP

for web designers and editors:

RapidWeaver: excellent web editor (instantly publish photos, movies, blogs online)
NVU: good and free wysiwyg web editor
RBrowser: graphical FTP, SFTP, SSH client & sync engine
CSSEdit: cascading style sheets (css) editor

for video editors:

D-Vision: encode, merge and cut video files (GUI for encoder)
ffmpegX: powerful video encoder for divx, xvid, h264, iPod, mpg, s/vcd, dvd, tivo, psp, mp4, flv, flash
HandBrake: DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter
Instant HandBrake: iPod/PSP-dedicated DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter

for photo editors:

SnapNDrag: screen capture Utility
Keyword Assistant for iPhoto: improves iPhoto's keyword handling

for bloggers:

BlogAssist: systemwide menu to format clipboard text for blog entries

for Googlers:

gDisk: use Gmail account as virtual drive
Google Reader Notifier: menu bar item shows unread google reader items
Google Notifier: notifies you of new Gmail & upcoming Gcal events
Google Maps Plugin for Address Book
iPhoto2Gmail: use your GMail account to send your photos directly from iPhoto
Spanning Sync: sync iCal with Google Calendar

for systems optimizers:

FolderBrander: customize folder icons with ease
Toast: The CD & DVD burning solution
uApp: a free uninstaller for allpications (including prefs etc.)

for gamers:

PSPWare: sync music, movies, photos & backup to/from Sony PSP
Macdoku: Sudoku on your Mac
SNES9x: Super Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator

for students:

UniLingua: vocabulary/dictionary trainer

Dashboard widgets:

Airport Radar: quickly scanning the area for wireless networks
Capture: Powerful and dynamic screen capture widget
Google Search: search Google’s powerful features right on Dashboard
LEO dictionary lookup: look up words in English-German and French-German
Wikipedia: Search for and view articles from Wikipedia, right on Dashboard
xCuts: a full reference of Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

for those never understanding:

Parallels Desktop: run Windows or Linux simultaneously with OS X

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